A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

★★★★ - Daily Review

‘Schostakowski has given us a breathless, funny but entirely plausible Dream, like nothing I’ve seen before’ – Daily Review

‘This is Shakespeare as his comedies should be - pure unadulterated fun’ – Daily Review

‘This production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the most fun I’ve ever had watching Shakespeare, and if this is any indication of the quality of production for La Boite’s 90th anniversary year - it is going to be a great one’ – Aussie Theatre

‘A wildly hilarious experiment that feels a bit like the offspring of That ‘70s Show and Spielberg’s Poltergeist.” Aussie Theatre

'Schostakowski’s new adaption of A Midsummer Night’s Dream sparkles with invention, magic and technological wizardry. Balanced between the hilarious and the darkly bizarre, this is Shakespeare for the modern age at its height – Creative Drinks  

‘This production triumphs, successfully packing four separate storylines, twenty named characters and two plays into one wonderfully kitschy Australian house.’ – Creative Drinks

wonderful take on the original, a fine addition to the long line of modern adaptions that have seen La Boite remain relevant for ninety years, and of course, a testament to the quirky genius of Schostakowski’ – Creative Drinks

‘a Dream worth remembering’  - The Blurb

‘Under Schostakowski’s skilful hand, 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' becomes the ultimate teenage parable driven by teenage desire, confused sexuality, the thrill (and angst) of pursuit, and the uncertain journey to adulthood’ – Scenestr

‘An intriguing reimagining of The Dream’ – The Courier Mail


A Tribute of Sorts

★★★★ ½  - Daily Review

‘Yes, congratulations are in order, because these kids were at the theatre instead of watching TV soaps, and they learned that it doesn’t always have to be well-made plays that can make our hearts soar with sheer joy’ – Daily Review

‘Shows like this make your heart sing, as they take off into new and always expanding realms, exploring what theatre can do by building on old traditions.’ - Daily Review

'Incredibly funny' The Courier Mail 

‘Halfway between Tim Burton's most twisted excess and Wes Anderson's most peculiar indulgence. A Tribute of Sorts is Schostakowski creating the violent, surreal world of his dreams and running wild in it.’ – Australian Stage  

‘Flabbergastingly damaged and unstoppably hilarious’ – Australian Stage

‘Schostakowski’s grasp on aesthetic is phenomenal’ Australian Stage 

‘Schostakowski is not so much interested in aping theatrical traditions as using them to fashion something new. A Tribute of Sorts is a magic box spring-loaded with surprise and awkward humour' – The Australian

‘A new generation of creatives...giving us wonderful mind-expanding work to marvel at’ – A Little Gossip 

'Unexpectedly endearing, wickedly funny, and pithily punchy in delivery, A Tribute of Sorts is a production that celebrates morbid humour, slick words, foxy timing and the art of theatre itself' - Arts Review


Klutz - A Tragicomedy

'Both endearing and hilarious' - Blue Curtains 

'As a seriously strange tale of sexed-up misery, (entirely miserable and fully sexed-up), 'Klutz' is a definite highlight of the 2014 Brisbane Festival Program' - Blue Curtains

'A nostalgic world of Ziggy Stardust, piano accordions, cassette players, dead pigeons and a shuttlecock or two' - Australian Stage

'A peculiar partnership driven by blossoming (if not extremely odd) friendship and full of many laugh out loud moments' - Australian Stage 


The Glorious Nosebleed

'[A} brilliantly demented sense of humour'- Time Off

'Schostakowski has managed to cultivate an exceptionally potent and distinctive voice for what is effectively his directorial debut' - Time Off

'The Glorious Nosebleed maintains a dark, unsettling intrigue while also satisfying its audience with leftfeild stabs of hilarity and flourishes of warmth and beauty' - Time Off

'The work navigates brilliantly from the magical to the secular' -Time Off

'Utterly irresistible' - Briztix

'Truly captivating theatre' Briztix



Matilda Award -  Best New Australian Work, A Tribute of Sorts 2012

Matilda Award -  Best Independent Production, A Tribute of Sorts 2012

Matilda Award (Nomination) - Best Director, A Tribute of Sorts 2012

Groundling Award - Best Co-production, Monsters Appear & La Boite Theatre Company, A Tribute of Sorts 2012

Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart Recipient -  Project: 'Director's skills development by interacting with leading theatre and artists from around the world' 2015